European Academy of Sciences Professors Visited ISSP

Jul 27, 2023

|  By ZHAO Weiwei

Professor Rodrigo Martins, President of the European Academy of Sciences, and Professor Wang Zhongchang, an academician of the European Academy of Sciences, have been appointed as Honorary Professor and Distinguished Researcher at HFIPS, CAS. Their appointment was announced by LIU Jianguo, president of HFIPS, during their visit to the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) from July 23rd to 25th.

As part of their visit, Professor Rodrigo Martins delivered an academic lecture titled "Materials Challenges for Responsible Electronics beyond Silicon" on July 24th at the ISSP lecture hall. The lecture aimed to explore the future of electronics beyond traditional silicon-based materials.

On the appointment ceremony, President LIU Jianguo emphasized the potential for collaboration between HIPS and European research institutions. This appointment is expected to strengthen international academic exchanges and foster deep cooperation.

After the ceremony, they visited Technology Exhibition Hall of ISSP, EAST of ASIPP, and SHMFF (Steady High Magnetic Field Facility) in CHMFL. In addition, they visited the Sino-European International Innovation Center for Electronic Materials.

Rodrigo Martins is an expert in the field of advanced functional materials, nanotechnologies, microelectronics, transparent electronics and paper electronics.


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