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Professor ZHA Chang-Sheng from Carnegie Institution of Washington visited ISSP
Update time: 2011-06-22
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 At the invitation of Prof. ZENG Zhi, the vice director of Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. ZHA Chang-Sheng from Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington visited ISSP on June 16th to 17th.

On June 16th afternoon, Prof. ZHA presented a talk entitled “Off-line laboratory for high pressure beamline at SSRF”, briefly outlined what the high pressurelab servicing to integrated high pressure experiments at the synchrotronfacility should be. His report attracted many scientists and researchers from ISSP, and brilliant ideas were exchanged during the seminar. On June17th morning, an extensive discussion between Prof. ZHA and scientists of ISSP was made on the details of constructing high pressure experimental facilities in ISSP.

Prof.ZHA was a staff scientist in charge of the high pressure program at Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) for many years before taking the position of lab manager and research scientist at CDAC/GL/CIW. He has also been developing the resistive heating techniques in combination with modern diamond anvil cell technique for many years. His newly improved internal resistive heating technique has been a successful tool for high precision studies of phase transitions, equations of state, and material synthesis at simultaneous pressure-temperature conditions of the lower mantle. His current focus is the physical and chemical properties of molecular crystals at multi-mega-bar pressures and very high temperatures using optical, Raman, and infrared spectroscopy, and synchrotron x-ray diffraction.


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