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World-famous Physicist F. M. Peeters Awarded Visiting Professor for Senior International Scientist of CAS at ISSP (2012.09.18)
Professor ZHA Chang-Sheng from Carnegie Institution of Washington visited ISSP (2011.06.22)
Prof.ZHAO Huijun from Griffith University visited ISSP (2011.05.14)
Dr. CHEN Xiaojia Appointed as ISSP Distinguished Research Fellow (2011.04.12)
Dr. SHAO Guosheng from University of Bolton visited ISSP (2011.03.31)
Dr. HONG Haiping was appointed as ISSP Distinguished Research Fellow (2011.01.13)
Scientists from ISSP visited NIMS,Japan (2010.10.21)
The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) and the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute signed cooperation agreements (2010.02.05)
Scientists from Institute for Materials Science, Japan, visited ISSP (2009.11.16)
Recent Progress in “Interconnected Nanowire/Nanotube and Nanotube/Nanowire/Nanotube Heterojunctions with Branched To... (2009.06.15)
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