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Dr. HONG Haiping was appointed as ISSP Distinguished Research Fellow
Update time: 2011-01-13
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An appointment Ceremony of Distinguished Research Fellow for Dr. HONG Haiping from South Dakota School of Mines And Technology was held at Institute of Solid State Physics(ISSP)on January 7th. Dr. ZENG Zhi, deputy director of ISSP, awarded Dr. HONG the Distinguished Research Fellow Certificate on behalf of ISSP.

Dr. HONG Haiping received his B.Sc. from Zhejiang University in 1987 and his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1998. He has been appointed as a faculty member of South Dakota School of Mines And Technology since 2003. His research has been focusing on nano-materials and applications. Dr. HONG has more than 60 publications on top scientific journals such as Journal of American Chemical Society,Advanced Material,Journal of Nanopartical Research, Applied Physics letter, Journal of Applied Physics and Super-molecules. He also holds a dozens of US patents, among which 5 has been commercialized successfully.

Dr. HONG was invited to attend the annual report meeting of Center of Nano-materials and Technologies. He had extensive discussions with scientists and gave his instructive suggestions on many reporting subjects. 

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